Aluminum Extrusions for Industrial Home Kitchens

Home kitchens have evolved over the years to include an array of styles and designs. One such popular design trend that is commonly seen repeatedly is the industrial home kitchen. This design is not only modern but also very functional. Industrial kitchens found in restaurants are designed to make processes quicker and efficient.


From the refrigerator to the stove and counters, industrial kitchens are generally stainless steel in nature to make cleaning and sanitizing easy. This type of kitchen design also supplies an owner with storage and specific work areas like bar and vegetable sinks, pot filling faucets, etc.


Aluminum extrusions have become an alternative material for use in home and restaurant kitchens. No matter the layout, t-slotted aluminum is not only modern and functional but is also lightweight and modular. Aluminum extrusions give you the ability to design a space that flows well and is safe and easy to cook in. T-slotted aluminum when paired with stainless steel panels can be used in extreme temperatures and is also rustproof. Advantages to using aluminum extrusions in a kitchen include:


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble – no special tools needed
  • Prototyping can be done with CAD software
  • Modular
  • Can be made mobile if needed
  • Anticorrosive


For industrial kitchens in restaurants, aluminum extrusions are already being used to create various solutions that include plating and warming stations, shelving and speed racks, tables, and workstations, etc.


Outdoor Kitchens


Most homes have outdoor kitchens, and if they don’t most homeowners include them to improve resale value. Aluminum extrusions are a great choice for a clean functional BBQ station. Cabinets, shelving, and more are sturdy, weatherproof, and easy to assemble over one weekend. From framing for wine coolers to sink cabinets, t-slotted aluminum will last years when exposed to the elements.  In addition to outdoor kitchens is patio furniture. Aluminum extrusions can be utilized to make patio chairs, couches, and tables.


As mentioned above, prototyping can be done with CAD software to virtually build your industrial kitchen design. A 3D model can be made to show you how the end result will look as well as test the strength of the solution to guarantee that the proper materials are used for your specific needs.


Various companies such as Parco, 80/20, and others can help to customize an existing space or create a brand new one if needed. They have free design CAD software and will help to advise on creating a 3D model before constructing anything you may want or need. To learn more about t-slot and its capabilities, feel free to check out more articles or visit the forum and join a discussion.





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